Noddleswel is a poem I wrote for my daughter. It's about a princess who rules over four lands: The Klinky-Klonks, the Bouncy-Boings, the Fat Fairies, and the Trolls. The trolls are always such a nuissance to the other three lands, and when complaints come in to the castle, the princess gathers her companions-- Caterpillar, Hippo, and Fairy--and hatches out a plan to intervene into the affairs of the four lands and route out the problem at its source. Great for reading to your child at bed time.

Captain Gabriel and the Great Planetary Odyssey
Captain Gabriel and the Great Planetary Odyssey is a chapter book, written as a poem, I wrote for my son. It's about a two year old boy named Gabriel who doesn't want to go to sleep, so he talks about the great space adventure he'd go on if he could break free of his crib. Jumping from planet to planet throughout the solar system, he picks up zany and wacky characters everywhere he goes. The story is filled with adventure and misadventure, chaos and confusion, action and humor. Perfect for children just learning to read.